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Help fund the 40th Street parklet (Community Voices)

from our friends on 40th street:

parklet: a small urban park, often created by replacing parallel parking spots with a patio, planters, trees, seating & tables, sculptures and/or bicycle parking. Parklets provide a public place for citizens to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the city around them.

We want to build a parklet on 40th Street!

On a stretch of 40th Street once characterized by empty storefronts, there are 5 new small businesses –all having opened since 2008. This thriving neighborhood attracts more and more pedestrian and bike traffic as neighbors gather, friends meet for bike rides, and locals grab coffee or a bite to eat.

We want to enhance our community by bringing native plants, seating and bike parking to an area where customers, employees, business owners, neighbors and passersby alike will benefit.

Show the City of Oakland that we want more green space!

The 40th Street site has already been selected to be one of Oakland's first parklets. By helping build the parklet you contribute to the success of the Pilot Parklet Program which is the basis for granting future parklet permits throughout Oakland.

We need your support!

We want to bring nature into the urban environment with nearly 40 feet of native plants, reclaimed wood benches, a driftwood log and a natural boulder. In addition, we'll have 8 sculptural steel bike racks for more bike parking. While everyone on our team has graciously donated their time, we will need funding to cover the cost of materials.

We are lucky enough to have several of our rewards feature a Limited Edition Design by local artist and children's book illustrator,  J.Otto Seibold.

Please help us build the 40th Street Parklet!

We sincerely appreciate any pledge amount as it brings us closer to reaching our funding goal.

Thank you from our entire team & we look forward to seeing you in the Corridor,

The 40th Street Parklet Team

MacKay Gibbs, Manifesto Bicycles
Catherine Macken, Subrosa Coffee
Andrea Gaffney, landscape + architecture + urban + design
Justin Vigilanti, Architectural Designer
Heidi Becker, H Factor Landscapes
Robert Glass, Landscape Designer
Aaron Goeth, Industrial Designer & Welder

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The link for their Kickstarter fund-raising page is here:

(It is kind of hidden in the article, so I thought I would post it without any formatting.)