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Phat Beets Newsletter: October 2011 (Community Voices)

Turnip Dem' Beets!

It is great to see so many people in the streets from the teachers, to the unions, to the activist and Anarchists young and old. Gardens are sprouting up in public plazas and parks at the numerous Occupy Sites (including Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland) and food is being shared freely. 

The question is: Do we want to Occupy Oakland/Occupy Wall Street? I would say we want to Decolonize Oakland and Decolonize Wall Street; as with our food system our economic system is built from a an un-equitable model that serves the 1 percent of the nation that controls for 40 percent of our wealth. This model was built around the idea of occupying and partitioning indigenous land. For an on point analysis please read this piece by on sister and brothers at Poor News Network, Po' Scholars. *

In this addition of Turnip Dem' Beets we are issuing a call out to join the Beets, we need you! Phat Beets Produce is a food justice collective and we rely on the support of community to make our programs operate. We get very little funding and we don't ask for much money from our community, but we do ask for support. Consider joining one of our neighborhood organizing committees, becoming a monthly volunteer, signing up for our Allyship program or buying a Beet Box CSA.

For a volunteer Commitment- Please fill out the following form.  Contact

Volunteer Form

For a 3 month Commitment- Try our Allyship Program more info-

Healthy Hearts Youth Market Garden Allyship

Experiential Food Justice Education

Beet Box CSA Ally and School Produce Stand

As point of reference, Wall Street is named this because the Dutch colonists erected a wall around their colony in New York to keep the Native Americans out. Though the wall is no longer, there the economic system in place that is rooted in Wall Street continues to keep poor people and people of color out from participating in the wealth generated from this economic system. 

Exploring Oakland Food, Policy and Urban Ag


Learn how Oakland is helping to promote urban farming! The city is updating its outdated zoning codes to expand opportunities in urban agriculture. Join the campaign to increase local food growing, selling and sharing! Hear how to get involved from Aaron Lehmer, Campaigns Director at Bay Localize and member of the Oakland Food Policy Council.

Dia De Los Muertos, Harvest Festival and Phat Fleas' Market

TODAY, Oct. 29, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the North Oakland Farmers Market.

Altars, kid's games, veggie carvings, winter squash soup and pie swap and potluck n’ more. We will be hosting an altar for Day of the Dead, bring a candle, a picture or something to share with the ancestors for this pre-colonial Mexican celebration.

In addition will be offering up small pumpkins and other veggies for carving for the young folks.

Don't forget to bring a pie or a soup made from winter squash to share for our pie and soup swap.  Best soup and pie get a free subscription to our Beet Box CSA.

As always last Saturday of the month is the Phat Fleas' Market, so come out and shop too.

From the Beet Blog ... "Chef's Orders: Food as Medicine"


By Jay Holecek Therapeutic Chef/educator - It starts with that scratchy throat, then dread: “Uh-oh, I’m getting sick.” I used to consider it a good thing, it meant a few days away from the rigors of school. But now I don’t … Continue reading

We're almost Half Way To our Goal of 200 members! Sign up for the Beet Box Equitable CSA

Beet Box CSAWant to receive a weekly box of pesticide-free and organic locally-grown produce, while supporting small-scale, sustainable farmers, and helping families suffering from diet-related disease?


We are 8o members and we want to make it our half way goal of 100 members by December.  When we hit 200 members we are sustainable and the BEET BOX CSA will survive on its own as a sustainable enterprise for Phat Beets Produce!

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In Solidarity,

The Phat Beets Crew

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Phat Beets' mission is to provide equal, affordable access to organic fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes to North Oakland families through wholesale pricing. Supported by community events, Phat Beets facilitates youth in leadership roles engaging their peers in healthy eating and nutrition discussions through fruit and vegetable sampling. Phat Beets works to connect small farmers to urban communities via the creation of farm stands and farmers markets in local establishments.