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Maximize Your Potential

Research tells us that humans use approximately 10% of our brain, while the other 90%is run at an unconscious level. In this mini-workshop we will investigate how to harness the power of the unconscious to drive us toward our goals.

We can see our unconscious working when we are quickly reacting to outside stimuli. In those brief moments our higher conscious is curbed while our unconscious drives us. Nothing to fault so far right? WRONG. Many time our unconscious will lead us down a path that has us forget about our higher purpose: happiness and how we want to present ourselves. We are thus in reaction to the outside world instead of proactively acting upon it and consciously designing the life we truly want.

Let's grab a hold of our unconscious and begin to maximize our potential!

This class is about your mindset, and what goes on when you find yourself getting in your own way. It will be fun and interactive.

Our speaker will be Betty Jo Waxman, of Productive Learning & Leisure.

This event is open to all adults. Teenagers are also welcome if accompanied by an adult.

Proceeds after costs will go to benefit the Women's Initiative for Self Employment.


Presented by Productive Learning & Leisure


Wed, 20 Feb at 6:30pm - at 8:30pm
Sandler Training, 350 Frank H. Ogaway Plaza, Suite 700
Cory Nott