Can Oakland plant a policy revolution to match its grassroots efforts?

From the forthcoming book "Farm Together Now."

Giant cranes guard the waterfront on the port city of Oakland, California's western flank, brashly broadcasting the city's industrial past and present to all who fly in, drive by or walk through one of the Bay Area's grittiest urban locales.

Yet in the same West Oakland neighborhoods that boast industrial diesel pollution from the bustling port and shockingly high poverty rates, urban food activism has flourished.

Growing Food on City Land: Challenging, but not impossible

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(Editor’s note: So, you want to start gardening in Oakland? Then this Oakland Local urban gardening series is for you. Whether you want to learn how to garden communally on public land, private land, in your own backyard, or learn how other Oaklanders have made their city gardens vibrant and productive, you will find what you need to get started here. In this first installment, writer Stephanie Ogburn looks at how to start a community garden on city land in Oakland.)