A Full Moon Gathering

Full Moon Gathering

This weekend we gather in North Oakland to 

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  • Yoga & Fitness Supply Swap

    Yoga & Fitness Supply Swap


    Calling all garden enthusiasts! North Oakland Plant & Garden Supply Swap takes root Saturday, Oct. 6

    Have plants you need to prune? Extras that don’t seem to fit in with your home or garden? Started too many seeds this year?

    Bring them all down to the North Oakland Plant Swap this Saturday, Oct. 6 and trade them with your neighbors for some new-to-you plants and gardening supplies.

    Swap it Oakland's Summer Homemade Food Swap - July 28th

    Jam it, pickle it, bake it, grow it. Next weekend a group of culinary radicals is set to meet up and swap their edible goods. At Swap it Oakland's seasonal Homemade Food Swaps, people from all over the bay area converge on a secret Oakland location to get a chance to trade their homemade toothsome delights with other home chefs.

    Fall Harvest Backyard Crop Swap - Saturday November 5th

    Fall Harvest Backyard Crop Swap November 5th at Phat Beets Farmers Market

    This Saturday will be a special "Fall Harvest" edition of "Backyard Crop Swap", a free monthly community swap event collaborativly put together by EBCA Food Swaps, Phat Beets Farme