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Gang Wars: The reaction

Baybe-Champ, local changemaker & Scraper Bike king

Baybe-Champ, local changemaker & Scraper Bike king

The recent PBS series "Gang Wars: Oakland" depicts the city as a hotbed for violence and "the unofficial crime capital of the state."  Baybe-Champ, known as the Scraper Bike King for his role in Oakland's Scraper Bike movement, shares some of his thoughts about the doc.

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Gang Wars is a corporate media effort to further criminalize Black and Brown youth.

It was a sensationalized version of Oakland’s issues with drugs, violence and poverty. It oversimplified the cause of Oakland’s ills (gangs) and super-simplified the solution (Oakland police Gang Task Force).

While the horrors of homicide and drugs are all too real, Gang Wars’ sensationalized version only furthers the criminalization of Black and Latino men and Oakland.

I break it down further on the Reginald James Report: